Privacy Policy respects your privacy.

Your name, address, phone number, email address, and any other personally identifiable information you give us will not be shared, sold, or rented to organizations or people unaffiliated with

Credit card information

Credit card information is never requested by , and it is requested that you do not input it on any of the website’s forms.

Outside Websites

The content of external websites is not within the control of . It is recommended that you review the privacy policies of external websites before providing any personal data.

Cookies uses “cookies,” which are little text files with data that are stored in your browser and help the website recognize you each time you come (for customizing purposes, etc.). No personal information is contained in cookies, and does not utilize cookies to gather personal data. Newsfeeds and other third-party content providers may also utilize cookies.

Every time you use the internet, keep in mind the risks.

We can’t guarantee the security of any information you send to , even though we try our best to protect your personal data. The confidentiality of any passwords or other account information is your personal responsibility.

Additionally, we have no control over the data and privacy policies of other websites or services that can be accessed through . As a result, we disavow all accountability or responsibility for their acts or policies.

If you have any inquiries concerning the privacy policies of those suppliers or any others, do get in touch with them directly.

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